Relying on our firm’s most valuable assets, our partners and employees, we are ready to provide you with information about incorporating a company in any of the available jurisdictions. Initial consultation, which is free, is considered by us as the most important step in structuring your business in relation to the operative environment of your choice.

Correct structuring from the beginning is the cornerstone for your success in business. Taxation in different jurisdictions has become a complex issue therefore the initial consultation will provide for the best possible planning for your business. Following the structuring of your business we will then be supporting the day to day operations in respect to administrative representation and legal requirements.

The recent changes in the corporate and regulatory environment make it mandatory for all companies to dedicate substantial resources in compliance requirements. Through our experienced management and staff we offer a cost effective service, covering company administration and compliance with corporate statutory requirements, allowing you to focus on the profitable areas of your business.

Our staff will handle all statutory filling requirements, corporate changes, re-domiciliation of foreign companies to Cyprus or re-domiciliation of Cyprus companies to various other jurisdictions. In addition our specialists will assist you in the preparation of relevant documentation, as well as all other secretarial, legal and administration services that may be required.

All these combined with our integrated services package provide a comprehensive solution for your corporate needs.

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