Our in-house real estate Department can assist you with a full spectrum  of primary and secondary services for the support of all Real estate related transactions:

Finding a property with accordance to your needs and budget:

we will offer you a choice of residential and commercial properties, individually selected by our experts in all locations of your interest.

  • Residential Resale
  • Commercial
  • Old Properties Fund
  • Residential New

Our expertise and consultancy in most favourable way of registering your property:

we will advise you on advantages and warn you on disadvantages of registering your property either on a name of a physical person or a legal entity (Cyprus company), by offering a simulation exercise of Tax obligations and the steps to follow in accordance to the selected type of ownership and current Tax of the owner.

Legal support of the Transaction:

our legal team will undertake all necessary steps in concluding the transaction within a legal frame by eliminating all possible complications beforehand.

Tax Authorities:

our tax experts will support you throughout the process relating to the presale and post-sale tax liabilities calculations and will handle all filings to Cyprus Tax Authorities

Land Registry:

we will ensure the success of the Transaction by being with you or legally representing you at the Land Registry Department upon finalizing your deal and assisting you in obtaining the Ownership certificates - Title Deeds

Post sale Property Management:

we will advise you on the most favourable way of letting out your property (short or long term) or assist you on hiring the right professionals, should you decide to renovate or redesign your property.

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